Portes Gratuitos para encomendas iguais ou superiores a 25€. Válido para Portugal Continental

Portes Gratuitos para encomendas iguais ou superiores a 25€ . Válido para Portugal Continental

A taste of Algarve

Grand Carob is one of those ideas that started with friends at the pub – but one that took off. In 2017, founder Nuno was discussing with a group of friends about the potential of the Algarve, apart from the tourism.

Nuno began thinking about carob. He was raised in the Algarve and carob reminded him of his childhood in the Portuguese countryside, as he used to eat wild carob during walks and bike rides as a kid. He remembered he’d loved that taste. From that point, Nuno couldn’t get carob out of his mind, and he started researching about the nutritional properties of carob – and was amazed by the many health benefits of the edible pods.

However, he also found that the carob food products on the market were rather bland and unhealthy – and he thought he could do better (perhaps much better)!

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Carob Trees are environmentally GRAND!

Carob Trees are environmentally GRAND!

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What is Grand Carob?

What is Grand Carob?

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