We are GRAND CAROB from Algarve,

About Us

Who we Are

We are a new food brand committed to bringing you the most delicious, healthy and innovative products made from carobs.


All products are made
with carob.

100% natural

We keep it simple
and natural.

Healthy Life

Low-fat products with
no compromise on taste.

Carob Drink

Our Piorneer

From the Algarve we bring the carob in its natural state, wholesome and unprocessed. We added some almonds and a pinch of Flor de Sal to develop the first milk alternative made from carobs. Honest, 100% natural, our carob drink combines a velvety texture with a unique taste.

We tend to believe the unique taste of our drink is the result of treating carob differently, as we don´t use carob powder in the recipe. However, the truth is that carob does all the work for us when it is treated well.

Carob Drink

Combining a silky texture with a unique flavour, our Carob Drink is 100% vegetal, gluten free, low on fat and without added sugar.

We don´t use any preservatives or other artificial ingredients. We maintain all the nutritional benefits and flavour of a freshly made drink by cold stabilising our carob drink by HPP (High Pressure Processing).


Carob (15%)
Almond (7%)
Organic salt from algarve, known as Flôr de Sal

Nutrition Information

ENERGY – 277 KJ / 66 Kcal
FAT – 1,7 g
of which saturates – 0,1 g
FIBRE – 1,0 g
of which sugars – 5,5 g
PROTEIN – 0,8 g
SALT – 0,06 g

Carob Drink

Simply, 4 ingredients





Carob Drink

Simply, 4 ingredients









Why Carob

What is Grand Carob?

Carob is special. Healthy, tasty and environmentally sustainable, carob has all the features of a special fruit and is a precious ingredient. We want to share this with everyone.

Grand Carob was born (see our story) with the mission of changing the way we eat carob by creating simple, honest food products made from carob. Taste is king to us and we insist on not using artificial flavours, colours or preservatives in our products.

Very soon we’ll launch our first product, the carob drink, in Portugal, our domestic market. We have other products coming out soon and we’ll be exporting to other countries in a little while too.
We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Why Carob?

CAROB is nutritionally GRAND!

Why Carob?

CAROB trees are environmentally GRAND!

The Algarve provides the perfect conditions for carob trees to grow organically, free of pesticides. It’s a durable and disease-resistant tree that grows naturally!

It’s very sustainable on water consumption and grows in infertile soils. They can also be used to regenerate lands once left abandoned.

They are an excellent carbon dioxide ‘sink’ that contributes to mitigating global warming effects.

Carob trees are not only beautiful but also GRAND for the planet.

Our story

A taste of Algarve

Grand Carob is one of those ideas that started with friends at the pub – but one that took off. In 2017, founder Nuno was discussing with a group of friends about the potential of the Algarve, apart from the tourism.

Nuno began thinking about carob. He was raised in the Algarve and carob reminded him of his childhood in the Portuguese countryside, as he used to eat wild carob during walks and bike rides as a kid. He remembered he’d loved that taste. From that point, Nuno couldn’t get carob out of his mind, and he started researching about the nutritional properties of carob – and was amazed by the many health benefits of the edible pods.

However, he also found that the carob food products on the market were rather bland and unhealthy – and he thought he could do better (perhaps much better)!

Back to the roots

Eager to put his theory into practice, Nuno quit his job, bought some basic equipment, left the UK and moved to the Algarve, the third biggest carob region in the world.

The first product was born - finding the right recipe for his carob drink

Nuno went seeking out traditional methods, jumping between kitchens, from his mother’s to his mother in law’s, and avidly looking through his grandmother’s recipe books until finally, he found the right recipe for the carob drink.

From Carob Drink to GRAND CAROB!

GRAND CAROB was born with the mission of changing the way we consume carob. We are 100% committed to bringing delicious, healthy and innovative products made of carobs to the whole of Europe.

About Us


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