Our mission


We are GRAND ambitious about our products. From us, you can expect nothing less than delicious, healthy and innovative products made of carobs. Our recipes use the best ingredients we can find, always priming organic. With a GRAND commitment to make products which are good for you, our products are all free of artificial stuff, gluten, dairy and refined sugars… just the good stuff!

We are a small food brand, with a GRAND mission: of changing the way we eat carob.  We are still in our early stages but we can promise that many other innovative products made of carobs are on their way.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.. 



Our Pioneer! We bring into the market the first “milk alternative” made of CAROB

Natural, healthy and 100% vegetal

- Gluten & dairy free

- No added refined sugar

- Low fat levels

- No added artificial ingredients

Available on 200 ml and 750 ml 

Our carob drink can be consumed on-the-go or stored in the fridge. It is perfect to be consumed by itself, to pour over cereals, for adding to shakes and smoothies.


CAROB drink

Our recipe uses only natural ingredients, without refined sugar (carob is naturally sweet) and is low on fat. It is a fresh product (short shelflive) with a similar flavour to chocolate but without caffeine, our drink is ideal for children  


Coffee lover?

When steamed in the coffee machine creates a silky foam, excellent to make tasty cappuccinos.


CAROB is nutritionally GRAND!



Adding carob to our diet can provide many health benefits:

Excellent source of dietary fibres, which contribute to keep the digestive system healthy, helping to reduce the body weight and lowering the cholesterol

It can prevent overeating by satiating the hormone that informs the body that it is hungry (postprandial ghrelin), so can help to control body weight       

An excellent source of antioxidants, Carob is composed by vitamin A, B1 and rich in D-pinitol, a component that lowers the blood sugar level in type II diabetes

Gluten free with low amounts of fat and natural sugars, becoming an excellent ingredient to make health-beneficial and delicious food products

No allergenic agents, unlike cocoa, it doesn’t contain any stimulants such as caffeine, theobromine or phenylethylamine, making carob a great carob alternative

CAROB trees are environmentally GRAND!

The Algarve and other Mediterranean regions combine the perfect conditions for carob trees to grow organically, free of pesticides. A durable and resistant tree with no deceases, that just grows!

It doesn’t require much irrigation being very sustainable on water consumption. With the advantage of growing in infertile soils, they can also be used to revalorize lands once left to abandonment.

They are an excellent carbon dioxide sink that contributes to mitigate global warming effects.

Carob trees are not only beautiful but also GRAND for the planet....



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